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Common Ground

As Tabesha invited me into her home for the first time, she showed me the many photos hanging on her living room wall: her sons, her daughters, Barack Obama, her mother hanging in a place of honor with floral arrangements on either side of the large frame, a map of Utah, Jesus preaching, class photos of her high school aged children.

I teased her that it looks like she's adopted Barack. I joked that his photo is four times the size of a group shot of her own children. She laughed and laughed and laughed and brushed it off by saying it was a silly thing to have hanging there. I told her it's not silly at all. She responded in all seriousness, "He's a good man. Good ideas."

I can't imagine how empowering and exciting it is for a family of African refugees to be thisclose to an African-American president. I love that a 16x20 poster of his Rolling Stone cover hangs proudly on the wall beside her front door. Framed, no less.

Ohhhh Cosmo...

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