Classical Chinese Garden | Portland

My Flickr has been updated to include Portland photos, but now I'm finally able to begin posting about the trip itself. One of my favorite memories from this trip is the Chinese Garden. In all the times I've been to the city, I've never visited this gem. When my friend Katherine (who has a great eye and takes incredible photographs) recommended it to me as a great place for spring-time-cherry-blossom-awesome photo ops, I knew I had to make the trek. I went to the garden with three friends, took hundreds of pictures, and made great memories over tea and tasty treats.

The non-profit organization that manages the garden provides a very detailed walking tour packet...and if I could manage to post about my trips sooner than two months after the fact...I'd actually remember all that great info and compose an informative post. Alas, I'm going to have to send you to their website and call it good. It really is interesting info, so at least give it a quick surf.

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