Why I love art museums | Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Museum of Art (aka The Rocky Steps where a gray-sweat-suit-clad Stalone jogs through the Franklin Parkway and straight up the impressive entrance to the museum) was mind boggling. I've been to more than my fair share of museums - and whether I'm traveling internationally or looking for something to do right here in Salt Lake City, I gravitate toward art, art, art (or as my girlfriends will attest: heavy museum guidebooks, heavy museum guidebooks, heavy museum guidebooks).

The Asian Art wing was my favorite by far. The most impressive and memorable feature of the museum, however, is the series of completely reconstructed buildings: a 16th century French cloister courtyard, a Japanese tea house, the entrance to a Ming Dynasty palace, a Hindu temple from India, etc. Massive in scale, completely sneak up on you, absolutely incredible.

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