Spring Fever @ Saltair

I'm interrupting the Philadelphia posting stream to share with you photographs from my completely random excursion to the smelly shores of the Great Salt Lake. I caught a wicked case of spring fever yesterday afternoon, and for no real reason, decided to grab my camera and drive west 20 miles to Saltair. Maybe it was the warm weather or perfect sunny lighting; but seeing as how I also threw open my windows, scrubbed my baseboards, purged my closet, and otherwise cleaned like the devil yesterday...I'm going to blame spring fever.

When I was in college I went to Saltair all the time for concerts, but it's been years and years since I've been out there. It's quite run down and not much to look at now - except for the novelty of a strange building in the middle of nowhere - but I love Saltair for its mystery and history. It was completed in the late 1800s and was once an amazingly beautiful resort, utterly Victorian in its fussiness. If you're interested in the history, or at least interested in old photographs, this is worth reading.

It's not easy to describe the shores of the lake to those that haven't experienced it. It's not sand, it's salt. It's not entirely dry, but it's also not marshy. You can walk out into the lake and walk and walk and keep walking out into the lake without ever touching bottom or even beginning to sink. The salt keeps you suspended in the water. Bizarre, stark, and oddly beautiful.

[crunch crunch crunch] I'm about 50 yards out into the lake.

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