On the Road Again | Scottsdale, Arizona

Back on the road.

1 week.

2 conferences.

3 presentations.

4 Camelback Spa treatments.

I'm not at all a fan of hot weather. 70ish is about where I tap out. So guess what? Phoenix issued an "extreme heat warning" this morning that lasts until tomorrow night. When Phoenix issues a warning about heat, you can rest assured you've slipped into the seventh circle of hell. And there is no escape.

As I write this it is 11:38pm and 99 degrees outside. It peaked at 110 this afternoon. It is going to be 108 tomorrow. The 10:00pm local news people were completely loosing their minds. "First Time in Phoenix History!!" was flashing across the screen throughout the entire weather segment. Gee, how fortunate I was here to experience this historical occasion of record heat. You can be sure that every single moment I don't absolutely have to be in a meeting or giving a presentation, you'll find me floating in the pool...just. trying. to. survive.

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