Saturday: Good things come in 3

After spending nearly three hours with a friend in a Restore Yoga workshop at Centered City (exactly what I needed...) I headed out on the town for dinner with three girlfriends. We met at Martine - a swanky locale known for tapas and menu items described in no less than eleven words, at least seven of which are required to be in a language other than English - where we enjoyed a three course, three hour meal. Fabulous.

I was thrilled when my friend busted out her camera and started apologizing for wanting to take pictures of the food. "Are you kidding?" I blurted back as I busted out my own camera. As it turns out the candlelight ambiance is great for romance and skin tone, but not too hot for food photos. The only shot that really turned out is one documenting the evidence of my complete massacre of the flourless chocolate decadence cake with homemade vanilla bean gelato and raspberry puree. Of course.

Private Dancer

I. Am. Powerful.