The Grannies. The Ghetto. And me.

No, you're not in a museum. You're in my living room. What you are seeing, kids, is a television model that pre-dates the 327" plasma HD, a program called "Antiques Roadshow" on an analog station known as the Public Broadcasting Service, an external antena (once referred to as "rabbit ears"), and a digital converter box. Because that's how important television is to me.

For valid and understandable reasons, the FCC has decided to roll the country's airwaves to digital-only by February 2009. This means that the one to five hours of PBS that I watch each week will soon turn to fuzz and then what would I do on Friday nights without "Washington Week" and Bill Moyers? You wanna know the best part? I totally bought this converter box with a government issued $40 coupon. That's right. The grannies. The ghetto. And me.

Find that train ticket we lost...

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