Christ Church Burial Ground | Philadelphia

I. Love. Cemeteries. Always have. Imagine how excited I was to visit the burial ground of Christ Church (founded 1695) in Philadelphia. The oldest (known) grave is marked 1721! Benjamin Franklin is buried there, as well as many famous founding parents (fellow history buffs: click here for details).

It is tradition to throw coins on Frankilin's grave...a penny saved, right? I struck up a conversation with the grounds keeper as he was cleaning up for the evening and they were preparing to close (I was trying to stay there as late as possible and hoping it would get as dark as possible before they kicked me out. I only made it to dusk...). I forget the exact figure, but he told me that they collect thousands and thousands of dollars each year; all from pennies, nickles, and assorted foreign coins being thrown on the grave. A non-profit organization maintains the burial ground and so it's all donations, in their mind, to keep up the grounds and run their education programming. Very interesting. I wish I could remember how much he told me they collect each year.

It fascinates me...

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