On the Road Again | I LOVE Philadelphia

It's official. I'm head over heels in love with Philadelphia. I may go so far as to say I'm head over heels in lust with the beautiful city...you know those sensuously whirlwind experiences you can't shake out of your mind and don't care to? A passionate city with captivating urban rhythms can completely seduce me and Philadelphia certainly worked her magic.

I have only a matter of days until I leave again - this time for Portland, Oregon - and I doubt I'll have much time to blog until I'm home from that trip. I knew the busy travel season would knock me off kilter, but hopefully I can jam pack my Flickr and post about my trips sometime before I head out to Phoenix. I built vacay time on to both Philadelphia and Portland, so I have many tales to tell.

More later...

Hey Philadelphia, say cheese!

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