Dinner at home. What a novel idea.

Having lived out of a suitcase, survived on conference food and Marriott room service, and up until last Tuesday not having been to the grocery store since 05 March...you can understand how novel it was for me to prepare a dinner at home this week. I was a bit confused when I entered this room some call "la cocina" and didn't find a menu or wait staff fetching my water; but just like riding a bike or making out, I soon remembered my way around.

In case you're wondering how I produced such a pretty bowl of perfectly proportioned veggies (and why would you be wondering, but then again why are you reading a blog about my dinner preparation?), I would like to share with you my latest find. These little veggie packages make me so happy. I literally gasped in the market aisle. Gasped. The genius marketing team at Green Giant (no, I'm not collecting royalties, but I should be) lumped vegetables together that are known to produce specific health results. Three minutes in the microwave and the guess work is gone. I immediately grabbed two of each and skipped off to the register singing, "Lalala. Vegetables for healthy vision. Lalala." Genius.

I can't blame the embarrassing photo below on my recent travel schedule, though I have been traveling consistently for work since the stated expiration date. However, I digress and I have no excuse. I'm just a total bachelor. And yes, I did eat the tartar sauce with my beer-battered cod. June 2005. That's right.

Now that's some sexy male. Errr...mail.

Green is Sexy