Yuppies: a handbook

Criticisms of one of my favorite blogs range from: "racist" to "narrow-minded" to "exclusively for rich white democrats" to "right on" and "hysterically funny." I will let you make up your own mind, but as for my two cents, I'll tell you I agree with all the criticism and then some. The passionate comments left on each post in said blog cover a wide swath of opinions and the beautiful thing is that everyone is right. You either get it or you don't. You turn on to the satire or you don't.

I think the easiest way to describe the list of Stuff White People Like is to clarify that in this context "White" is synonymous with "Yuppie." Young Urban Professionals. When you understand the demography of yuppies and read the blog with yuppie colored glasses (slash snarky sense of humor) it makes total sense. Being a young urban professional and a yuppie who's comfortable in my own skin, I think the blog is genius and side-splittingly funny. I'm bugged when people spew "yuppie" as a slanderous moniker or assume that being a yuppie is diametrically opposed and necessary exclusive of a global world view and sincere compassion. But then again, that's such a self-righteous yuppie thing to say.

Check it out (posts as of 09 March):

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