Required Listening (Best Make Out Music of 2008)

Saturday morning, as I was getting ready for the day, I listened with wrapt attention as Scott Simon (NPR Weekend Edition) interviewed Melody Gardot. From "Four years after a serious car accident, Melody Gardot used the experience as a springboard to musical success she might never have achieved otherwise. The singer, now 23, was hit by an SUV while riding her bicycle. Her injuries were serious and left her unable to sit up for more than 10 minutes. She suffered short-term memory loss and acute sensitivity to light and sound. Gardot had played the piano before the accident, and a doctor suggested that she use music as a kind of recovery therapy."

Her album Worrisome Heart is packed with sultry sexy jazz vocals and I absolutely love it. I found this debut album in iTunes for only $5.99. There are ten songs that are individually $ sweet deal. The interview on NPR is only 13 minutes and I promise you, worth listening to. Not only does Melody have a killer speaking (and singing) voice, her story is fascinating. She turns a beautiful phrase and it's difficult to believe she's only 23. Check out the story (and sample a couple songs) by clicking here.

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