My gloriously mundane weekend

So this week I was supposed to be on a consulting site visit in Cheyenne/Laramie, Wyoming but they canceled my trip. The project director is dealing with complications from her husband's recent surgery/chemo and it was too overwhelming to pull together my agenda and take care of him. I will need to shuffle my schedule and book another visit but in a way the decision was better all around. From my perspective it meant I didn't have to rush from Biloxi straight to Wyoming and headlong into Philadelphia. I was able to take this week in the office to catch up on email and get my piles under relative control...because the Philadelphia and Portland trips are in rapid succession.

This rare gift of time also allowed me to veg out this weekend. This week my parents decided they really missed having a dog around the house and they are now the doting owners of Riley the Sweetest Collie You'll Ever Meet. Just as one would for a birth in the family, I came as soon as my schedule allowed and have since been playing with Riley, letting her chase and herd me around the backyard, walking her round and round her new hood, and otherwise becoming her most favorite human.

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