On the Road Again | Zion National Park

On our way home from the conference in St. George, a History Prof/colleague/friend of mine who has done extensive research of the region led a hike in Zion National Park. Well, I should clarify the term "hike..." It was intended as a hike, but there was far more snow on the ground than we anticipated. So let's just say that we walked along this river bed...

There is something special about the space in Zion and in a purely visual sense...the red rock, white snow, and blue sky made for a riotous combination. I took way too many pictures and won't post even a fraction, but here are a few favorites. If you're easily bored with these seemingly identical pictures of one rock after another, this post isn't for you. I, on the other hand, could stare at these red rocks all day and curse the moments I was forced to blink.

Yesterday and today Salt Lake was slammed with a wicked blizzard...and we were told once upon a time that the extremely heavy storms were over. So much for that. Seeing these pictures and the blue blue blue sky makes me smile. The blue sky in the photo above is later in the day and slightly darker than the blue sky in the photo below, taken early in the afternoon. Awesomely beautiful.

Red rocks, white snow, blue sky...love it. It looks like those little dioramas you built in fourth grade, small plastic trees glued on top, white snow out of cotton or perhaps baking soda, no...? Anyone? I'm the only one who rushed home on Friday to work on her diorama assignment? Fine.

There is something sneaky and evil about this spindly black tree. I really dig it.

I can almost taste these colors

On the Road Again | St. George, Utah