Snow Day!

I began the day yesterday with every intention of going to work and plowing through my to-do piles (To-do lists just don't cut it anymore. I now require a never-ending plethora of teetering piles). However, Mother Nature had very different plans for me.

I made it about five blocks from my house in roughly 30 minutes, white knuckle driving in a completely slushy white-out blizzard. Not able to see ten feet in front of my vehicle and quickly realizing this death luge was so not worth it, I called the office, turned into the closest movie theatre, and rode out the storm with three glorious hours of Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will be Blood). I stopped at Paradise Bakery on the way home (Could I eat their chicken artichoke panini every day? Yes. I could.) and read the afternoon away (I'm completely addicted to, and nearly finished with, "The Other Boleyn Girl" by Phillipa Gregory) with hot chocolate in hand and snow falling fast and furious outside my window.

Not the day I had planned, but an excellent Impromptu Plan B. Snow days make me feel young and there's something so deliciously sneaky about playing hooky from work.

Pass HB 89!

In honor of the 2008 election