Pass HB 89!

I was at the state capitol building last week for a rally supporting HB 89, Anti-discrimination Act Amendments. If passed this bill will make it illegal to discriminate against citizens in the workplace based on their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Pretty simple, right? We hire people because they have the skills necessary to perform the job and perform it well. We promote them when they do an exceptionally good job. We fire them when they fail to perform and were given due process to make their case. Period. I wish it were that simple for Utah's legislators. Many of them feel that passing this bill is a guaranteed slippery slope fer them there gays marryin' and takin' over the cul-de-sac with their crazy notion of being human. Honestly, I can't argue the opposition to this bill because I'm not able to comprehend the argument. Furthermore, I refuse to give the opposition power and energy by naming it at all.

Representative Chris Johnson spoke at the rally, hosted by Equality Utah, and posted the full text of her speech on the Equality Utah website. I put select bits in this post because while it's difficult to explain the electricity of a rally and the emotional moments of a speech when the crowd cheers in unison, at least you'll get to read her inspiring words.

"It’s a good sign that we never get an honest argument against employment nondiscrimination...we know discrimination is the true immorality. HB89 is not about Marriage equality, it’s not about putting a stamp of approval on homosexuality, it’s about one thing and one thing only....fairness in the workplace. It’s about once and for all allowing one’s work performance, experience, and education as the genuine criteria for hiring and firing."

"The agenda is not a gay agenda, it’s an equality agenda, it’s a truly democratic and American Agenda."

"Be patient with those that agree and disagree. Thank them for where they are, thank them for a willingness to listen and learn. Encourage them to ask questions and gently move them forward. I am preaching to the go and sing your song."

Right on! I hope that when our legislators grow up they want to be Chris Johnson.

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