January Blahs + root canal

In addition to muddling through the predictable post-holiday January Blahs, I also got to experience my first-ever root canal on Friday. So that's rad. The prescription pain meds make me sick, so I can choose between a throbbing face or an upset stomach. Decisions, decisions. I actually feel alright, all things considered, but have been completely void of creative motivation as of late. I missed my arbitrarily self-imposed deadline for the First Friday Films post. (I know you were on the edge of your seat and subsequently disappointed beyond belief when the post never arrived). I saw plenty of movies in December and have plenty to say, I just need time to finish writing my ramblings. I'm quite sure the Lortab/Ibuprofen cocktails I'm popping like candy will make me ten times more insightful as to the artistic merits of Atonement. Coming soon...

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