Baklava with friends

I met a friend a couple years ago through the Multicultural Arch Foundation who hosts cooking classes in her home. It's a women-only cooking group and the Multicultural Arch calls it their "Women's Voice" initiative. The core idea is to empower women and bridge the Muslim-Christian divide...through conversation and food. Plans are in the works for us to expand our gatherings to different cultural events happening around town and I'm really looking forward to that development.

There are about ten people in the group right now. The majority of the Muslim women in the group are from Turkey. So far, in the classes I've been in town for, we've learned to make manti and baklava. There are endless versions of baklava, but it hails originally from the Ottoman empire/central Turkey. To have my Turkish friends teach me first hand how they've made baklava for generations was awesome. The glory of potluck is that we always eat so much more than just the dish we're learning to make. It's quite the spread when we get together.

We are loyal and faithful to our friends to the extent that we share their troubles as well as their joys. If we cannot weep when our friends weep and rejoice when they rejoice, we cannot be regarded as faithful friends. (Fethullah Geulen)

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