Random Tacoma Surprise | Tide pools in the moonlight

Last night I met with my colleagues from Tacoma Community College at Pour at Four, a cozy wine bar on the north side of town. We shared tapas, cheese plates, black bean arepas, and the best spinach salad I've ever had. While there, one of the professors (Biology) invited me to take a field trip with her night class. I took her up on her offer and I spent a couple hours tonight wandering through dense forest paths leading to moonlit tide pools.

This agenda would have made a great night by any standard, but to be led on this excursion by a Biology prof who absolutely lives for the information she was sharing made it extra super great. I tend to go out of my way to indulge in nerdy experiences and tonight was right up there. I suppose any normal person, after pulling a ten hour day of consulting, conducting workshops, and meeting after back-to-back meeting would veg in the hotel room and fall asleep to HBO; but I wouldn't trade poking colorful anemones and watching little crabs running over my shoes for anything.

Point Defiance | Tacoma, WA

Random Tacoma Surprise | Aveda...yum-my!