On the Road Again | Tacoma, WA

So I had two days to be in Salt Lake between Iowa and my trip to Washington and I'm increasingly convinced that my most meaningful relationship is now with my favorite cab driver who I see more often than some of my closest friends.

I'm in Tacoma for business and to make my arrangements I asked for a local recommendation on a non-national-chain hotel. I could not be happier with my digs for the next few days. I'm in the Silver Cloud Inn and from the moment I checked in, I've been drooling over the view. I'm sure, just as the Wasatch mountains have unfortunately become to me, this view is pase to people who live here, but I can't get over how stunning it is. The hotel is perched on a pier in Commencement Bay and all rooms have a water view. I tried, but I could never take a photo that would do this place justice, so definitely check out their website.

My room...

The view from my room...

Random Tacoma Surprise | Aveda...yum-my!

Bon Voyage! Appreciez Paris!