You're taking the bus? Why?

Motivations for my new commitment to take public transportation to work at least once each week:

I want to show my support of the environmental policy of the Utah Transit Authority. From hybrid and natural gas vehicles, to beautification of industrial corridors, and massive recycling programs at its vehicle maintenance facilities, UTA a leading environmental stewart by all national standards.

I want to decrease these lazy and embarrassing statistics:
25% of all journeys made by car are less than 2 miles.
60% of all car journeys are less than 5 miles.
70% of all journeys to work are made by car.
* Source: Stockton Borough Council (a site worth reading if for no other reason than it's a Scottish publication advocating smaller cars that are "a lot nippier around town.")

If I have to explain the high cost of gasoline to you, you live under a rock. How did you get internet access under there? I mean, I try and swipe my neighbor's WiFi signal every so often but now they set up a WEP key, well anyway.

People who claim that Salt Lake City is not diverse need to stop traversing the east bench in their beamers and hop on the #47.

I believe strongly in communal ideals and social structures and engage with my community in as many ways as possible. What better way than sharing a ride to the office with new neighbors I've yet to meet?

I want to do my part to support UTA's ridership numbers and subsequent plea to the legislature for increased funding.

I interact with causes I support and do my best to contribute my energy to their karmic mix. Good breeds good and again, I want to do my part.

As I see my bus to train to bus commute, I've just stumbled upon the gift of two dedicated hours each week to write, think, read, catch up on podcasts, or do. absolutely. nothing.

* Speaking of the creative benefits, I'm starting a post series titled: "Ramblings from the Route." This past week was week #1 and I took my bus/train/bus commute to work two days in a row. That's all it took. I'm in love. I rarely rent cars when I travel (generally a lame way to experience a city) why can't I play tourist in my own back yard? Public transportation is total sensory overload and taking that time to ease into and out of my day provides ample space for creative impulses to percolate. Sitting in rush hour traffic on the freeway with one foot hovering over the break and one hand hovering over the horn doesn't inspire anything but a migraine.

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