Ramblings from the Route | People Watching

Thoughts stumbling through my head during this morning's commute...

Why I enjoy public transportation:

The super tall woman with 13 tiny butterfly clips, one headband, and two rubber bands in her hair.

The yellow backpack man who wears a hoodie under his parka regardless of the temperature.

The gorgeous black woman with a massive afro and the biggest sunglasses I've ever seen.

The snotty bald man in a black suit, pink tie, and aviator sunglasses who pretends not to see me as the stares at my breasts through his dark shades.

The really good looking blue-eyed guy in the manual wheelchair and blue sweatshirt.

The old man in acid-washed jeans with no limp who carries a huge, shiny, swirly hand-carved cane.

The crazy guy with three knit hats, 2 coats, and shoelaces tied up above his boots around his ankles.

The woman who listens to her iPod with the headphones held in her hand, not stuck in her ears. She's an NPR podcast fan, as it turns out.

The driver who picks me up in the morning and, after only a few rides, already recognizes me with a smile.

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