Hard@Work | Saint Petersburg, FL

As mentioned, the first half of the week was spent at a research conference in Tampa. The second half of the week was spent on the beach in Saint Petersburg. You know it's been a rough week when the campy photo of your feet moves from the pool to the beach and your skin shows a markedly darker pigment.

We did work in Saint Petersburg, but it was just our smaller group of consultants and so why not check your email with this view?

It may have been from atop the Tradewinds Resort penthouse suite overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, but we were working and meeting and planing nonetheless. Your federal tax dollars hard at work, folks, thanks for that. Exhibit A: My friend troubleshooting her very full inbox. I propose that all such meetings take place on the beach.

Our first morning in St. Petersburg we made breakfast and began our meetings. This home-cooked meal included, food is always a highlight of traveling for me. I tend to avoid, though not entirely, seafood in landlocked regions; however, if I'm traveling on a coast, it's all fish all the time. We ate at Guppy's ("dramatic aquatic cuisine") at Indian Rocks Beach and it was fantastically good. We ate at the Floridian, famous for mouth-watering Cuban sandwiches and plantain chips. We ate at The Warf, a local hangout on the pier. Our bar stools perched precariously on the edge of the dock and swimming just beyond the view of our plates full of crab cakes were swarms of catfish and snook. Snook really like crab cakes, as it turns out. Catfish, as it turns out, do not like croutons soaked in cesar dressing.

We ended each day on the beach watching the sunset. It's going to be more than a bit challenging getting back into the groove of my office...unfortunately not located on the beach. There goes my impressive post-Labor Day tan.

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