Hard@Work | Tampa, FL

I have a demanding job and I travel a lot for work. Even though I love traveling it can be stressful and disorienting when I'm away from home every couple weeks. I can't travel less, but I've recently made a commitment with myself that I will slow down and enjoy each trip. I'm plan to add a day or two on either side of as many trips as I can and I'm taking time to explore, relax, anything but check email, call the office and work work work. Today is a great example of a low-key day.

I started my day in the fitness center and even though the humidity nearly killed me, I felt great about hopping on the treadmill first thing in the morning. I then spent most of the day/afternoon in the pool. Mmmmmm...pool food from the grill...sometimes it just hits the spot. So much for the treadmill.

The conference opened with a reception at the Florida Aquarium. It was a cool venue for a reception and although I struggle with aquariums just like I struggle with zoos, it was still neat to see a 400lb. grouper. Eww. I met up with friends at the reception and after wandering through the fish for a while, it was ten o'clock...time for tina tapas. Yum-my! The Spanish food in Tampa is fantastic and I'm going to bed on a very full tummy...tummy full of tapas.

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