The Duke of Earl in the D.C. Metro

I absolutely love street performers and guerilla art (must-hear album: "Songs from the Underground - NYC Subway" and must-explore website: Wooster Collective). The concept of art as activism is actually something I've devoted time to professionally and the movement has long intrigued me with possible applications in my personal creative life (add another project to my to-do list).

I was hoping that at least once while in D.C. I would stumble upon metro music. The surprise factor is a large part of the appeal, the randomness of it all. You could have taken a different train in a different direction or remained one floor above and never known the performance was happening. I love the serendipity of street performance. I was thrilled one afternoon to descend the Orange Line escalator to hear this sound...

Yes, the video quality is poor, but what can really you ask
of a digital camera in a dark metro tunnel?

What? Naked Mormon Missionaries?

Diverse Traditions. Shared Values.