Can you keep a secret?

I want to date Cute Artsy Guy who lives in my building.

I have a stellar radar for semi-geeky specs-clad artsily-desheveled men but I've not seen Cute Artsy Guy until now. Although I work a fairly standard 9-5 I'm not known to leave for work each day at the same time or arrive home like clock work. This fact gives my encounters with Cute Artsy Guy a seductive sense of serendipity.

Encounter #1:
Parking lot. Just prior to morning commute. Mutual smile.

Encounter #2:
A couple days later. Parking lot. Just prior to morning commute but not at same time as encounter #1. Mutual smile. He raised his eyebrows in recognition. We both chuckled at the coincidence and continued to smile.

Encounter #3:
Very next day. Parking lot. Just prior to morning commute but not at same time as encounter #1 or #2. Mutual smile. He waved. I was parked right next to him and as I maneuvered into my car I quipped, "We seem to be on the same schedule..." (If you didn't read that with a breathy voice and wicked grin, you did it wrong. Try again). His face immediately registered a charmed surprise. He raised his eyebrows and smirked, " seems so..." I smiled one last time and I sat down in my car as he took the last word, "Have a great day."

Encounter #4:
Yesterday, a few days after encounter #3. Parking lot. Coming home from work in the evening. He was retrieving his yummy leather messenger bag from his car. I was walking up from the bus stop and had an iPod stuck in my ears. He was quite animated, to the point that it surprised me a bit, as he waved and smiled. I smiled and removed my headphones. "Hi..." I said with a big smile. "Hello..." He replied, also with a big smile. "How are you?" I said while flashing an even bigger grin. "Good...Good..." he said while visibly laughing at yet another coincidental meeting. "Good...Good..." I lamely replied. Umm...Doh! I retreated from the parking lot fumbling through my bag for my keys. (Note to Dorky Self: next time try, "The parking lot has been great...but we should arrange our schedules for dinner.")

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