Random D.C. Surprise | Iranian Paintings

I visited the National Cathedral primarily to see the "Dreamers & Believers" exhibit honoring the cathedral's centennial year; but I was in turn surprised by an exhibit of paintings by young Iranian artists.

After wandering through the nave and poking my head, and camera, into little chapels, nooks, and crannies, I snuck past the "Closed to Visitors" sign to board an elevator headed up up up to the observation deck. Even the architecture on the tippy top of the cathedral in random dusty hallways is beautiful. After snapping a few pictures of the buttresses perched on the edge of the roof, gargoyles up close and personal, and incredible panoramas of the city, I turned a corner to see a gallery of paintings tucked into a pocket-sized room.

I really regret not writing down the names of the artists but I was so surprised and delighted by the paintings that I just took a moment to enjoy the space. **Note to self: not everything has to be researched. Below are two of my favorites.

** She says as she adds a hyperlink to both pictures directing readers to "Payvand" (an Iranian website I'm not familiar with) and an interesting article about the exhibit. I couldn't help it.

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