Unnecessary Justification

Those who know me well knew this day, while surprising, was inevitable - or - Why I finally surrendered to the blogosphere.
  • I do not claim to be "an artist" (whatever that means) in the same way that I do not claim to be "a writer" (ibid parenthetical), but I am highly creative and I am one who writes.
  • I'm absolutely fascinated by the impact blogs are having on grammar, privacy, linguistics, punctuation, social mores, vocabulary, on and on. While it's counter-intuitive to me to present to a public sphere writing that is intentionally rough, I'm intrigued by the idea.
  • In honor of my colleague Clint, with whom, among others, I've discussed the embarrassing vanity of blogs, I hereby launch a campaign to have "braggadocio" welcomed into our everyday speech.
  • I have stacks upon piles of journals, notebooks, scraps of paper, coasters and napkins, all with thoughts, ideas, dreams, plans, rants and raves scribbled and scratched. This blog seems a convenient space to catalogue my ramblings.
  • Everyone else is doing it.

Why Madeleines?