Choose the Left. The New CTR.

Members of the LDS faith, and/or those versed in Mormon culture, easily recognize the CTR insignia. Emblazoned on rings, scripture totes, key chains, bumper stickers, and lovingly cross stitched onto throw pillows and wall hangings, it serves as a reminder to "Choose The Right." The Mormon CTR acronym pre-dates the more commonly known Evangelical mantra WWJD or "What Would Jesus Do?" but they are similar in purpose.

The grassroots organization MESJ: Mormons for Equality & Social Justice, established 2002 in Salt Lake City, cheekily tweaks this icon. CTL, or "Choose the Left," refers to the progressively liberal political left that MESJ supports.

I serve as the Archivist/Librarian for the national MESJ organization, and as a member of the Salt Lake City chapter, I curate the Films With a Message series. The official archive is kept on the MESJ website, but I'll use this blog as a place to reflect and comment on the information I'm researching, gathering, and posting to that archive. Similar to the First Friday Films and ISBN ### series, the CTL graphic will indicate such a post.

I wanted to experience death

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