A blog? What was I thinking?

Four days ago I was blissfully ignorant about the world of blogs. I suppose it's telling that my first post was a pseudo apologetic and "Unnecessary Justification" of my presence on the world wide web. My intention in creating "my madeleines" was quite simply to experiment with a new creative medium. I wrote that this blog would be "a series of essays, poems, creative spasms, sound bites, quotations, ramblings, and whatnots that each trigger *something* inside me." Furthermore, I declared, "I write for myself."

That steely conviction was unwavering...until I stumbled onto problogger.net and the "18 Lessons I've Learnt about Blogging" article.

Those who know me will not be surprised that within 72 hours I've managed to turn a purely artistic exercise into an academic study of blogging culture, theory, and best practices. To say that I'm over thinking myself into a corner is an understatement. The problogger.net article, although geared toward business-minded blogs trying to generate revenue, did teach me a few things about "my madeleines" and helped focus my energy.

After reflecting on this article, among others, I still plan to post my "creative spasms." However, I also plan to consistently post the following:

First Friday Films
I'm passionate about the art of film making and if you bounce back here on the first Friday of each month you'll see what's caught my attention and why.

ISBN ###
My voracious reading habit provides the inspiration for this series. I will ramble, reflect, and ruminate as often as I'm moved to do so by whatever I'm reading at the time.

There are endless hobbies, travels, and events of interest that I could blog about, but this is a good start. We'll see where it takes me.

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