12 simple rituals to welcome 2015

I know we're three days into the new year, but as The Universe would have it, I was not meant to be online while I spent time in California with my family. So in the spirit of better late than never, I want to share with you a beautiful article about welcoming the new year. The website MindBodyGreen published a piece by Barbara Biziou titled, "12 Rituals To Do In 12 Days To Guarantee 12 Months Of Love & Prosperity." The idea is that each of the first 12 days of the year represents one month in the coming year (01/01 = January, 01/02 = February, etc.). What I loved most about it - beyond the ritual setting of intentions (very much my thing) - is how simple she made it. We get wrapped up in thinking everything has to be complex in order to hold significance. Not true. Complexity is overrated. 

 It's never to late to begin living with intention...whether three days or 300 days into the new year.

It's never to late to begin living with intention...whether three days or 300 days into the new year.

I declare a power word (or phrase) each year. In 2013 I focused on understanding and welcoming  ABUNDANCE. In 2014 I was OPEN TO MAGIC. But I haven't landed on my focus for 205 yet. This is unlike me and I'm sorta surprised by the delay. By this point in time I've typically had my power word/phrase selected for no less that two weeks, it's calendared and planned and meditated and cross-stitched on a throw pillow (not really) for good measure. I'm not quite sure what's going on with 2015. It's certainly not lack of motivation. I have many epic adventures in the works for this year...so...? At any rate, I've decided to take time over the first 12 days of the year to move through these rituals and be guided to my 2015 power word/phrase. Stay tuned!

I love the concept of simple rituals so much that I want to share what I do each day. I hope you'll join me. Let me know how you chose to honor each day's theme...and/or let me know your power word for the year!

For the description of each ritual, visit the original article. I'll discuss each ritual in each day's blog post (after I catch up on the first three days in this post!).

January 01: Breath
January 02: Love
January 03: Renewal
January 04: Smell
January 05: Play
January 06: Present
January 07: Purify
January 08: Honor
January 09: Creativity
January 10: Wisdom
January 11: Abundance
January 12: Gratitude

 Don't underestimate simple rituals. Who knows which spark will light up our whole year (...life).

Don't underestimate simple rituals. Who knows which spark will light up our whole year (...life).

On the first day of the year, Biziou told us to wear red underwear to welcome love in the new year. Prior to reading the article, it just so happened I purchased a cherry red lace bra in a post-Christmas clearance sale. How serendipitous and sexy, if I do say so. Clearly I wore it on the New Year's Day plane ride home from California. She also suggested tossing money into your home the first time you enter it in the new year, to welcome prosperity. Easy enough. I tossed a few coins into the living room before I wrangled my suitcases through the door. All set! Placebo? Doesn't matter. Either way it's a physical manifestation of my intentions and that's powerful stuff. 

January 01 focused on breath. Biziou writes: "As you focus on your breath, you actually can breathe in the inspiration you desire. Breathe in love, creativity, joy, health and prosperity. Allow the universe to gift you with energy to invite your best self forward." For me this meant meditating on the plane. Even with a seat-kicking rugrat behind me, I was blissed out. Lesson for 2015: Meditate daily. I've had "establish meditation practice" on my to-do list for months (I know, I know). I'm sporadic with my meditation, even though I know how amazing I feel when I do it regularly. Not any more. This is the year I make it a non-negotiable habit as primary as...breathing.

January 02 focused on love. Biziou writes: "Today is the day to be more loving and compassionate toward yourself. Learn to be compassionate in the areas where you tend to resist. Ask yourself, How can I be more loving today? Then reach out to others. Smile, be kind and send a loving note to a friend or family member." I had a weird, challenging morning on Friday. It's nothing blog appropriate, but let's just say that the reminder to be compassionate toward myself was well received. I also connected on the phone with a virtual stranger turned soulmate. We met each other in a Facebook group dedicated to The Desire Map. We became FB friends and then chatted on the phone shortly thereafter. It was one of those instant connections that will be  meaningful for years to come. I can't think of a better way to honor the energy of love.

January 03 (today) is all about renewal. Biziou writes: "Use nature to renew your body and spirit. Nature is a window into the world of the divine — with the four great elements representing the physical manifestation of spirit into matter. Spend some time just looking at the sky, or take a walk in the park, on the beach or in the woods, listen to birds sing, hold a rock or crystal to remind you to ground your energy and of course, watch a sunrise or sunset." I'm already cleansing and recharging my crystals at a full moon fire ceremony tomorrow night (yes, you just read that...no typos), so today I will clear my altar and rededicate the space for 2015 adventures. And on a less intense note, I'll probably also take a walk around my 'hood. 

As I move through Biziou's 12 days of rituals, watch for short, simple blog posts each night. I would love for you to join me, or share your own rituals or power words or goals or general new year's juju. Here we go!

Love + intention,

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