Hello, I'm Gail.


My entire life changed the moment my doctor turned her chair to face me.

With lab reports in one hand, the other hand on the thyroid in her throat..."Your body is attacking itself. You have Hashimoto's autoimmunity." I'd never heard of the disease, but I instantly knew that my body shut down to get my attention.

My diagnosis changed everything. I finally snapped out of the fear that controlled my life. I deconstructed everything that wasn't aligned to my soul. I created my dream life on my terms.  

I sold everything I owned, quit my job, lost 100 lbs, launched my coaching business, booked a one-way ticket to Indonesia, and began my walkabout in 2015 at age 34.

By August 2016, my autoimmunity was in full remission. Not a single trace of a single antibody. 

Because following my soul's passion healed me more deeply than anything else ever could. 

I traveled solo all over the world for two solid years. I'm now back in the states and converting a short school bus into my tiny house. I'll continue to live a big, beautiful, crazy life on the road, this time in a home I built with my own two hands.

Why live in a bus? Because it feels good and my soul told me to. That's how it works now. 

Stay wild, 

P.S.  The most common question I get is, "How can you afford to do this?!" Well, I took a 15 year career in higher education, curriculum design, teaching, and consulting -- and I rolled the experience into a coaching business. I design e-courses and run group + private coaching programs over at Moon Child, Stay Wild. I'm also one of Danielle LaPorte's licensed Desire Map coaches.